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KitaFix-Coloring Book Easter and Spring

KitaFix-Coloring Book Easter and Spring: 111 Motifs to color or as copy template

A fixed date in the annual cycle!

Easter and spring, two fixed dates in the annual cycle of every kindergarten. The children are thrilled by Easter in particular. Not only the cute Easter bunnies (both the real ones and the ones made of chocolate) can score, also the many colorful eggs leave lasting impressions. If you still haven’t had enough, you can pick up the KitaFix-Coloring Book Easter and Spring.

The ideal companion

Of course, this coloring book is much more than that. It is the ideal add-on to the KitaFix Easter and Spring worksheets. This particular time of year is stressful enough. Surely you, too, are grateful for any relief that well-crafted materials bring. That’s why KitaFix exists with its worksheets, but also coloring books!

Happy coloring

Children love to be creative. Coloring books offer the perfect basis for creative activities because of the pictures. The coloring pictures encourage children to think about suitable colors, to experiment and to make decisions.

Drawing and coloring promote hand-eye coordination and nurture children’s first sense of color. Creativity and imagination are encouraged and fine motor skills can be expanded.

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