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KitaFix-Coloring Book Kneipp

KitaFix-Coloring Book Kneipp: 111 Motifs to color or as copy template

Please who? I don’t know him!

This or something similar is likely to be the reaction of most colleagues in your facility when you tell them about your plan to plan project weeks on the topic of “Health Weeks with Sebastian Kneipp”. Unfortunately, this outstanding observer and therapist, the inventor of water therapy, has almost been forgotten in his home country of Germany over the years. Just by leafing through the KitaFix-Coloring Book Kneipp, you will notice how interesting and up-to-date Kneipp’s teachings are.

The 5 pillars

Especially in the daycare nursery, activities based on the 5 pillars are a good idea. Especially in the cold season or when it is getting more and more uncomfortable outside, the children will love to use wellness treatments a’ la Kneipp with you. But Kneipp is much more! It is living health, body awareness and consideration for nature and the environment.

Let the contents of this KitaFix Kneipp coloring book complement your Kneipp project. But you can also use it very well for any other topic from this area.

Children love to be creative. Coloring books offer the perfect basis for creative activities because of the pictures. The coloring pictures encourage children to think about suitable colors, to experiment and to make decisions.

Drawing and coloring promote hand-eye coordination and nurture children’s first sense of color. Creativity and imagination are encouraged and fine motor skills can be expanded.

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