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KitaFix-Coloring Book Winter

KitaFix-Coloring Book Winter: 111 Motifs to color or as copy template

Another coloring book! Do we need that?

I also asked myself this question before I started compiling the KitaFix-Coloring Book Winter. Surely there are countless coloring books on the market, many of them with the most diverse approaches. In fact, I’m pretty sure there are already an insane number of coloring books on the subject of winter!

Yes, I think that has to be!

But why did I still make the effort and published the KitaFix-Coloring Book Winter? The matter is actually quite simple. I want to make life easier for you as a kindergarten teacher! You seem to be looking for winter-themed materials right now. I would like to provide you with as much as possible on this topic from a single source. Without long search and everything coordinated with each other. In addition to the KitaFix-Coloring book Winter, you can also purchase the matching worksheets. With these two books you hold almost 200 sheets in your hand, which should give you more time for the children.

Children love to be creative. Coloring books offer the perfect basis for creative activities because of the pictures. The coloring pictures encourage children to think about suitable colors, to experiment and to make decisions.

Drawing and coloring promote hand-eye coordination and nurture children’s first sense of color. Creativity and imagination are encouraged and fine motor skills can be expanded.

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