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KitaFix-Workbook Police Fire and Ambulance

KitaFix-Workbook Police Fire and Ambulance with 50 Worksheets. Activity Book for Toddlers in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Some things are timeless!

They fascinated us as children, but even today children get big eyes at such things. The police, fire department and ambulance (or rescue service) are definitely among them.

We as educators can make wonderful use of this fascination! After all, the police, fire department and ambulance perform a very important task in our society. It is therefore important to introduce children to this topic as early as kindergarten age.

So what could be more obvious than to design and publish a special booklet with educationally prepared worksheets on the topic.

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It is fun for children to solve tasks with a pencil. With its age-appropriate tasks, this workbook offers children from 3-5 years the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of learning instructions.

The KitaFix-Workbook Police, Fire and Ambulance encourage children to recognize correlations, train logical thinking and improve their concentration. Working with a pencil trains eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

  • 50 ideas designed to fit the particular topic
  • Compiled and elaborated by experienced educators

The print version is available in the US exclusively at Amazon!

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