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KitaFix-Workbook Summer Sun Beach and more

KitaFix-Workbook Summer Sun Beach and more with 50 Worksheets. Activity Book for Toddlers in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Summer, sun, beach and more…

What words could better describe this season? So many possibilities! But there is also so much to do and so many changes ahead. For preschoolers, the end of their kindergarten years is fast approaching. Almost all of the children are looking forward to being first graders soon. Some can hardly wait to go on vacation with their parents. To faraway countries, to grandma and grandpa, or an exciting week in a tent. And still, others don’t have time to think about all that. They go to the open-air swimming pool every afternoon or make their neighborhood unsafe with the neighborhood kids until late in the evening.

And at our facility…

…we are supposed to somehow reconcile all this! From making school cones to preparing farewell gifts for the preschoolers, the last few weeks before the big vacations are really hot. Think of the workbook with my worksheets “Summer, Sun, Beach and More” as your travel companion for this intense, exciting, and changing time.

Sunny greetings

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It is fun for children to solve tasks with a pencil. With its age-appropriate tasks, this workbook offers children from 3-5 years the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of learning instructions.

The KitaFix-Workbook Summer, Sun, Beach and more encourage children to recognize correlations, train logical thinking and improve their concentration. Working with a pencil trains eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

  • 50 ideas designed to fit the particular topic
  • Compiled and elaborated by experienced educators

The print version is available in the US exclusively at Amazon!

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