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KitaFix-Workbook Traffic

KitaFix-Workbook Traffic with 50 Worksheets. Activity Book for Toddlers in Preschool and Kindergarten.

On the roads, ready, go!

At some point, it gets boring to always just ride around the house with the tricycle. At some point, the garage yard isn’t big enough anymore, and to make matters worse, the new bike wants to be ridden out properly for once. After all, what was the point of learning to ride without training wheels? At the latest then the time has come: A new road user is let loose on the streets!

As an adult, you know which various impressions and dangers await you on our roads and with which the new road user will be confronted sooner or later. Starting with numerous signs and warnings, whose meaning has to be learned first, rules and regulations, whose existence is heard of for the first time, and other road users, who are not always well-disposed towards you. Especially in road traffic, it can be vital to know exactly what is going on.

It’s a good thing that “traffic education” is on the agenda of most facilities every year. And it’s even better that most children find this topic totally interesting. Especially when, for example, a real police car shows up in front of the daycare center and the children are allowed to turn on the siren themselves, their happiness is perfect. However, the matching KitaFix-Worksheets Traffic and the corresponding KitaFix-Coloring Book Traffic are also a must for this topic!

All that remains for me to do is to wish everyone a “safe journey”.

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It is fun for children to solve tasks with a pencil. With its age-appropriate tasks, this workbook offers children from 3-5 years the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of learning instructions.

The KitaFix-Workbook Traffic encourage children to recognize correlations, train logical thinking and improve their concentration. Working with a pencil trains eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

  • 50 ideas designed to fit the particular topic
  • Compiled and elaborated by experienced educators

The print version is available in the US exclusively at Amazon!

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