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KitaFix-Worksheets Kneipp

KitaFix-Worksheets Kneipp for Preschoolers (3-5 years). According to the German Kindergarten System, created by a German Pre School Teacher

Wellness – Made in Germany

In Germany, we inevitably associate wellness with exotic soothing treatments. Thai massage, Hawaiian hot stone applications and in the best case Finnish sauna. But wellness from Germany? Yes, of course, it exists! And even already eternally long applied, tested and proven. The creator of this therapy, which has unfortunately fallen behind in the meantime, is called Sebastian Kneipp, the water doctor. In the middle of the 19th century he established the doctrine of his 5 pillars: Water, Herbs, Exercise, Nutrition and Inner Balance.

5 pillars

Kneipp’s instructions can be wonderfully integrated into a beneficial wellness program, and even turned into a kind of life order. This is what I have tried to do in my framework “Growing up with Kneipp” for use in daycare centers. Matching to this, but not only, but also gladly as an independent booklet, there are the worksheets “Kneipp”.

I wish you a good rest

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It is fun for children to solve tasks with a pencil. With its age-appropriate tasks, this workbook offers children from 3-5 years the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of learning instructions.

The KitaFix-Worksheets Winter encourage children to recognize correlations, train logical thinking and improve their concentration. Working with a pencil trains eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

  • 50 ideas designed to fit the particular topic
  • Compiled and elaborated by experienced educators

The print version is available in the US exclusively at Amazon!

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