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KitaFix-Worksheets Winter

KitaFix-Worksheets Winter for Preschoolers (3-5 years). According to the German Kindergarten System, created by a German Pre School Teacher

My first worksheets:

In early 2022, I designed 50 worksheets on the theme of winter. They should be the prelude to a small series with one booklet for each of the 4 seasons. In the meantime, there are even some other booklets on other topics.

Surely your kids will be as excited to be given a worksheet! But not only the occupation of the little ones should play a role for us as educators here. You can also use worksheets to see a child’s stage of development and, for example, to recognize and document their progress in an annual comparison.

With my KitaFix-Worksheets Winter, you get 50 ideas and templates that fit wonderfully into this time of year and the weeks between Christmas and the foolish season.

Have fun with them!

<img src="IhreSandra.png" alt=„KitaFix-Worksheets Winter“>

It is fun for children to solve tasks with a pencil. With its age-appropriate tasks, this workbook offers children from 3-5 years the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of learning instructions.

The KitaFix-Worksheets Winter encourage children to recognize correlations, train logical thinking and improve their concentration. Working with a pencil trains eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

  • 50 ideas designed to fit the particular topic
  • Compiled and elaborated by experienced educators

The print version is available in the US exclusively at Amazon!

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